Govt. Approved License No : RL 1352




Stage 1: Permission Request from the Protector Office:
After receiving the Demand letter along with Power of Attorney from Employer, permission is requested from the protector of Emigrant & Overseas Employment, Government of  Bangladesh to fulfill advertisement and other formalities.

Stage 2: Job Advertisement
Advertisement using print media and the Internet including job display on our Job portal.

Stage 3: Screening
Screening of applications received in response to advertisements.

Stage 4: Shortlisting & Documents Verification
Shortlisting, scrutinizing data, and verification of candidate’s documents according to the skills, knowledge, and aptitude desired for the job.

Stage 5: Skill trade Interviews
Interviews are conducted with the representatives /delegations

Stage 6: Medical Examination: 

Every selected candidate undergoes a strict medical examination from approved medical centers before migration.

Stage 7: VISA Endorsement Process:
We provide a visa stamping facility and collection of the passport from the concerned Embassy / Consulate through the association’s office. After stamping visas, we submit passports, for registration with the Protector of Emigrants and Insurance.

Stage 8: Reservation & Ticketing:

We provide travel arrangements and manages to send the candidate to a destination on very next available flights for the earliest deployment. Sometimes the employer also arranges flights for the candidates.