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International HR Recruiting Services

Our recruiting agency excels in the supply of some efficient global employment solutions. With the help of our well-experienced team members, we are providing complete support to all the candidates and employers regardless of the location. Therefore at Stanford Employment, Dhaka, Bangladesh; we prefer to provide the most advanced and emerging international recruiting solution worldwide.

We provide the best manpower, outsourcing, and staffing solution and HR services in various industrial sectors. We have a proper head office in Dhaka that enables us to deal with multiple governmental functionalities in best timely manner.

Our paramount importance is hiring the right person for the right job. Since the establishment of our recruiting agency, we tend to establish the best CRM with our candidates. We have also offered thousands of skilled, semi-skilled, and nonskilled manpower to Singapore, Romania, and the Middle East.

We warmly welcome all the relevant companies inside Asia, Europe, Africa, and across the world to provide our outsourcing services and top-notch recruitment solutions at reliable costs along with long term guarantees.